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: marked by or disposed to doing good
: organized for the purpose of doing good

BE proud. strong. kind.

BE humble. grateful. positive.

BE wise. amazing. beautiful.

Your downtown Rapid City Salon

Hello and welcome to Benevolent Beauty! We are excited you are here. Benevolent Beauty is the culmination of many years as lifelong students. By drawing on this experience, we envisioned an environment that we know you will find professional, welcoming, and FUN! The inspiration for our name stems from us wanting everyone to walk in and BE who you are (BE bold, BE groovy, BE happy, BE YOU).  Benevolent’s meaning is the salons mission to pass onto all that walk through the door. Our passion for our local community is used in as many features as possible. From this website, to cabinets, flooring, lighting, artwork, the bar and many more! Just ask and we will be thrilled to talk about all the local collaboration. We strive to be as Organic and Natural as possible! Everyone’s health is a top priority. Therefore you will love all of our hair and skin products! Thank you for being a part of our Beautiful world 💛

Proud to offer clean and organic haircare.

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BE yourself

Let Us Take Care Of You